Concept presentation in response to a brief from Google Creative Labs to redesign a product or service with a new tech at its core (blockchain, digital assistants, AI or VR). Blockchange is a hypothetical system to make buying ethical more transparent, tangible and beautiful. Ethical certifiers like organics, Fairtrade or cruelty-free use blockchain technology to create a transparent and verifiable record of certified products’ supply chains and then, along with retailers, connect this database to a visualisation for consumers.

Blockchange hub mockups
Blockchange hub mockups

Blockchange hub animated mockups

This project was made in response to a brief set by Google, Sydney and was presented to Google Creative Labs on the 16th of December 2016.

Team: Basilia Dulawan, Erland Howden & Meiying Lin
Music: Morning Sun by Nicolai Heidlas / Creative Commons Attribution License