Erland Howden: profile picture Hi. I’m Erland. I’m a visual communication designer, web developer and photographer specialising in persuasive and socially engaged work.

I currently work in the acclaimed communications team of Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of Aotearoa/New Zealand – primarily in web design, but also photography, social media and general comms.

I have extensive technical skills in web development, photography and video production – but what distinguishes me is a wealth of experience as a professional campaigner, facilitator and strategist, alongside an international perspective from living and travelling worldwide.

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I have highly specialised skills in web design and front-end development, including UI, UX, HTML5/CSS/JS, NationBuilder & WordPress, but also do print and digital graphic design work with experience across poster, editorial, identity and marketing. I deliver creative and effective design solutions and my work in mass-mobilisation, social change and political arenas has given me a sharp sense of designing to inspire action in the audience. I offer discounted rates for progressive non-profits.

I’m completely at home behind the lens, whether I’m capturing moments on the road with Jacinda Ardern, framing a landscape, stalking wildlife, recording the news, composing portraiture or travelling. I have produced four short films, done work experience with the Sydney Morning Herald and AAP photographers, been the photographer for Sydney City circular “The City News” and been finalist in two prestigious nature photography competitions.

I’m a seasoned facilitator for meetings, strategic planning sessions and conferences – from one hour to multi-day processes. I’ve also worked with organisations on campaign strategy and training for staff, volunteers and stakeholders, specialising in community organising, corporate, financial and political campaigning.

Erland is a passionate, intelligent and reliable colleague who throws his heart and soul into his work. His critical analysis and constructive suggestions are always welcome. Erland is good at looking at a problem from different points of view and providing a fresh perspective. He is creative and flexible and able to think outside the square.

Mithra Cox, colleague, Nature Conservation Council

Erland by Don McLennanMore about me

Since migrating to Aotearoa/New Zealand in 2017, I have worked as a designer, developer, photographer, videographer and communications adviser in government, politics, advertising and marketing. Prior to the move, I worked in and around Sydney, Australia as an independent graphic designer, photographer and facilitator for a range of clients, while also pursuing community projects and being an active board member of Solar Citizens and a founding director of the Blue Mountains Renewable Energy Co-op.

I hold a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication from the University of Technology, Sydney. Throughout 2016, I launched and steered the digital side of Crinkling News, the only national newspaper for young Australians, founded by my sister and veteran journalist, Saffron Howden.

Up until the beginning of 2014, I was a leading financial and mobilisation strategies for Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s coal and Great Barrier Reef campaign. I grew up on a bush property on the outskirts of Sydney, moved west to the Blue Mountains for five years and now live in Wellington, in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

I’m a vegetarian foodie and love to explore. In 2015, I spent half the year travelling through the Nordic countries and then studying at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd, an acclaimed design university in south-west Germany.

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